Holton Farkas H2850 MDC French Horn Mouthpiece in Silver

Catalog: H2850MDC

Price: $82.00


The Holton Farkas French Horn Mouthpieces in Silver, developed in cooperation with famed player Phillip Farkas, offer the extra range, power and tonal color that have made them so popular among professionals. The Farkas Horn Mouthpieces are designed for use from beginners for proper embouchure development to the professional looking for a mouthpiece to play intricate symphony work. Whether it’s Mahler’s 7th Symphony, Rondo Finale – or beginner development – there’s a Farkas mouthpiece to meet the challenge.

Cup Depthmedium-deep
Rim Shapemedium-wide
Cup Diameter Inside16.21mm(.638")
Cup Diameter Outside24.33mm(.958")
Throat Diameter4.62mm(.182")
CommentsSensitive yet comfortable. Good response in entire range. For players who desire a slightly darker tone than that of the SC or MC models. Slightly narrower rim than SC or MC models.

Model: H2850MDC
Manufacturer: Farkas