Spit Sponge Woodwind Pad Dryer (2 Pieces)

Catalog: SPTWW

Price: $5.99


Spit Happens! And spitty woodwind pads are a noisy, slippery mess that leads to expensive repair. Extend pad life with Spit Sponge™ pad dryers to remove what swabs miss.

Spit Sponge™ is The ORIGINAL dual texture pad cleaner with an ultra absorbent top to clean delicate pad leather, and a micro-grooved bottom to remove gunk that grows on tone holes.

  • Replaces wasteful pad paper & powders
  • Never Fray laser-fused edge
  • Washable for years of use
  • Fight tone hole corrosion
  • Reduce pad rot & repair
  • Easy-fit shape
  • For Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Soprano Sax

Obsessing over oboe gurgles? Frustrated by sticky flute fingerings? Bewildered by bassoon bubbling? Get that spitty mess out of your instrument with Spit Sponge™ pad dryers.

Model: SPTWW
Manufacturer: Key Leaves