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As any saxophonist can tell you, the altissimo range poses far more difficulties than the natural range of the saxophone. The altissimo range uses unintuitive fingering patterns, has a daunting number of alternate fingerings per note, requires rapidly changing vocal settings, and places strain on our embouchure. Altissimo can even be thought of as a separate discipline within saxophone playing. Attempting to learn altissimo by using the same approaches as learning to play the natural range can lead to frustration and repeated poor practice that reinforces incorrect muscle memory.

Screech-o-nomics offers a fresh approach to altissimo, through carefully designed and focused exercises that deconstruct altissimo by focusing on the mouthpiece alone. With thoughtful and consistent practice, the method shared here will:

  • Strengthen the embouchure
  • Reinforce vocal setting muscle memory
  • Improve control throughout the altissimo range
  • Help achieve extremely high altissimo (altissimo E to double B)

Screech-o-nomics will improve tonguing, dynamics and vibrato, as well as extend the range of playable notes on the mouthpiece to over two octaves. With this foundation, saxophonists will achieve the same control over altissimo as over the natural range.

Publisher: Ghostchild Studios
Composer/Author: Wright, Scottie W.
Catalog Number: GCS-01

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