Portastand Compact Universal Tablet Stand with Carry Bag

Catalog: PAS-CTS

Price: $54.98


At Portastand they make tools for musicians. So to them, the Compact Universal Tablet Stand is beautifully simple: this is the only music stand you’ll ever need for digital sheet music. Their rock solid, heavy-duty, Superior Pro Clutch tripod provides the base, and the Transformer Tablet Mount slips readily into the top, ready to hold virtually any tablet or smartphone you choose for your music or lyrics. It can rotate 180 degrees (portrait or landscape) and includes the Transformer’s desk leg component for tabletop applications. Voilà: the perfect digital music stand.

That said, this marvel of engineering could be also perfect for countless non-musical situations. Maybe you’re about to address the UN General Assembly and you’re nervous about forgetting your speech. Maybe you need a tripod for your ambitious project to recreate Ansel Adams photos with your iPhone. Maybe Jacque Pepin is coming over for dinner and you need to look at recipes on your countertop while you cook. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

  • Slip-proof EVA back pad and clamp grips
  • Expansion range: 5″-9.5″
  • Rotation radius 180 degrees
  • Firm-hold tension adjustment fastener

Model: PAS-CTS
Manufacturer: PORTASTAND