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Wright Way Note Finder

Price: $12.00


The classic note-reading aid is back and in stock at Groth Music!

"Many teachers consider the NOTE FINDER an indispensable training aid. Moving the note up and down the grand staff commands instant and complete attention, and demonstrates the basic note reading concepts of DIRECTION and DISTANCE. Grouping notes teaches PATTERN reading. Random note position (31 notes at your finger tips) teaches rapid NOTE RECOGNITION. Best results are obtained through the use of DAILY DRILLS as outlined in the instruction book "FIVE-MINUTES A DAY," which is included."

The Wright-Way Note Finder is a rather nifty vinyl-covered board with a simple string-winding handle mechanism that moves the black plastic note smoothly and easily up and down the grand staff. The booklet "Five Minutes a Day" is included, and provides exercises and suggestions for use, illustrated with charming graphics. Great for all music students, and especially good for piano students.

The board is 8 x 6 inches, not including the note-moving handle.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Wright Way
Catalog Number: WWNF