3 Romances - Soprano Sax and Piano

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Robert Schumann composed Three Romances for oboe and piano in 1849, while he was resident in Dresden. Their first public performance was not until 1863 in Leipzig, with Emilius Lund as oboist and Carl Reinecke as pianist. Reinecke was a fixture in Leipzig musical life for decades as conductor of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra from 1860 to 1895 and professor of piano and composition at the Leipzig Konservatorium from 1860 to 1902.

Schumann’s publisher, Nikolaus Simrock, published the Three Romances with alternate solo parts for clarinet and for violin, an idea he had proposed to Schumann, but which Schumann had rejected. Clara Schumann seems to have preferred the version for violin, performances of which she accompanied on many occasions. The Romances have since become wildly popular with wind and string players. A search through our file cabinets at Groth Music reveals five editions for oboe (most including solo parts for other instruments), as well as arrangements for flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, viola, and cello.

This Dorn publication is edited for soprano saxophone by Ralph Martino. 

Table of Contents:
  • 1. Moderately (not too fast)
  • 2. Simple, affectionately
  • 3. Moderately (not too fast)
Publisher: Dorn Publications
Composer/Author: Schumann, Robert
Arranger/Editor: Martino, Ralph
Catalog Number: DORN1048