Developing a Personal Sax Sound - Saxophone

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This book describes the physiology of sound production and the mechanics involved. The emphasis is upon freeing up the involved muscles and parts of the body so that they can operate in a natural instinctive manner. With these difficulties alleviated, the aspiring saxophonist has the opportunity to find his/her own inner voice. Including diagrams and exercises, this material represents Lieb’s personal interpretation of the studies he did with master teacher Joe Allard.

Table of Contents:
  • 1. Overview of the Playing Mechanism
  • 2. Breathing
  • 3. The Larynx
  • 4. The Overtone Exercises
  • 5. The Tongue Position and Articulation
  • 6. The Embouchure
  • 7. Reeds and Mouthpieces
  • 8. Expressive Techniques
  • 9. Practicing
Publisher: Dorn Publications
Composer/Author: Liebman, David
Catalog Number: DORN1170
Pages: 56