Die Katzenpfote - Sax Trio (ATB)

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DIE KATZENPFOTE is an anonymous piece taken from the Glogauer Liderbuch, a collection which dates from 1488. This polyphonic setting is an outgrowth of the courtly Minnelieder which were songs composed by the nobility to function as folk music.

This piece should be played at a fairly bright tempo with accented bouncy style. I suggest that it be played through twice and that on the repeat, the first eight measures of the alto part be played in unison. This would serve as an emphasis of the Minnelied theme. These eight bars of unison should be played softly, detached, and without vibrato. Doing this will give contrast to the final lively contrapuntal section.

Includes parts only.

Publisher: Dorn Publications
Composer/Author: Rippe, Allen
Arranger/Editor: Rippe, Allen
Catalog Number: DORN0241
Pages: 3