Joia Tubes Boobam Style Chromatic Scale: One Octave C-C with Mallets


Price: $639.00


Rich, Melodious Percussive Tones

Designed by Rick Kramer the Joia Tubes were developed to be a more orchestral sounding instrument. By sealing the bottom of the tube and resonating the sound back out through the top of the instrument, we have doubled the resonating effect, allowing for a more sustained note. Also, our concave design on the playing surface compresses more air into the tube, giving even greater resonance and volume. The stand we developed allows for tremendous flexibility and also allows the tubes to resonate to their full effect. The Joia Tubes, whether used professionally, educationally or therapeutically, offer rich, melodic and specific pitches that resonate as a beautiful musical instrument.

Boobams seem to have been the next development. With drum heads originally mounted on four inch diameter bamboo, these became popularized in the 1950’s in shows like Pirates of Penzance. Rich O’donnell of the Saint Louis Symphony and Brent Lewis did a lot of experimenting and recording with full chromatic sets of instruments made with pvc pipe.

The Joia Tubes are hand-crafted in the USA.

Manufacturer: JOIA

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