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Hohner 2009 Marine Band Crossover Harmonica

Price: $79.99


With the Crossover, Hohner has expanded the Marine Band series to introduce a new, top-of-the-line professional quality instrument for the discerning player in modern blues, rock, jazz, soul or funk. The revolutionary laminated bamboo comb (patent pending) is completely sealed, making it water repellent and exceptionally stable. In combination with the screw-together assembly, the Crossover is extremely airtight, with fast, even response and a raspy, powerful sound which is exceptionally well suited to amplified playing as well as acoustic styles. The modern compromise tuning is ideal for single note playing in different positions in contemporary blues, rock, jazz, soul, funk, while still ensuring a full chord sound, making the Crossover an optimal addition to the great Marine Band range.

The Crossover harp comes with a molded zipper case featuring a zipper pull labeled with the key.

The Crossover harp is available in 12 major keys - please choose your key from the menu below. Also available in high G (not listed below) - call or e-mail for details.

Model: HOHM2009X
Manufacturer: Hohner