Sonor Primary Line Tenor-Alto Pao Rosa Chime Bars - Xylophone

Catalog: KSP40X

Chime Bars


Arrange Tones to Suit Your Preference!

SONOR chime bars offer almost unlimited flexibility.

The sequence can be arranged or grouped completely to individual requirements.


Primary chime bars have a diatonic range of 4 octaves from c to c4.

They are very popular in early music education and elementary music education.

Chime Bars - Xylophone

item no. 27856401
product KSP 40 X 1 INT
tonal range c1 to c3
number of bars 19
tones c1, d1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1, a1, b-flat1, b1, c2, d2, e2, f2, f-sharp2, g2, a2, b-flat2, b2, c3
scale C major scale
sound bar material Pao Rosa, FSC™ certified
sound bar color natural
sound bar width 37 mm
sound bars thickness 17 mm
tuning fundamental tuning
resonator box each tone made of shock-resistant RESOPHEN, white
mallets 1 pairs SCH 5 (not included)
type tenor alto
version International model
series Primary
unit 1 set
master carton 1 piece

Specify note names when ordering.


Model: KSP40X
Manufacturer: Sonor