Studio 49 XM-05 Tubing for Xylophones

Catalog: XM-05

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Replacement tubing for the bars of select Studio 49 xylophones. This tubing is compatible with the following Studio 49 models:

  • BXG1000 Bass Xylophone with Grillodur Bars
  • SX1600 and H-SX1600 Soprano Xylophones (Diatonic and Chromatic)
  • AX1600 and H-AX1600 Alto Xylophones (Diatonic and Chromatic)
  • SM1600 and H-SM1600 Soprano Metallophones (Diatonic and Chromatic)
  • SX2000 and H-SX2000 Soprano Xylophones (Diatonic and Chromatic)
  • AX2000 and H-AX2000 Alto Xylophones (Diatonic and Chromatic)
  • SXG2000 and H-SXG2000 Soprano Xylophones with Grillodur Bars (Diatonic and Chromatic)
  • AXG2000 and H-AXG2000 Alto Xylophones with Grillodur Bars (Diatonic and Chromatic)

Model: XM-05
Manufacturer: Studio 49