Azumi AZ2SRBO Intermediate Flute, offset

Catalog: AZ2SRBO

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Designed by Altus founder and flutemaker Shuicki Tanaka, Azumi flutes are a perfect fit for the serious student and aspiring flutist. The most distinct feature of all Azumi flutes is the Altus Z-cut professional headjoint which responds quickly and easily and produces a full and rich tone in all three registers. All Azumi flutes feature pointed key arms for an elegant and refined look, improved key strength, and even pad wear. The Altus/Bennett scale makes these flutes effortless to play in tune.

The AZ2SRBO features a sterling silver Altus Z-cut headjoint, a silver-plated body, open holes, B foot, and an offset G key.

Model: AZ2SRBO
Manufacturer: Azumi