Recorder Resource Kit 1 PowerPoints with Audio

Catalog: TVR1PPT

Price: $20.00


The Recorder Resource Kit is a highly successful first year recorder program. The program includes 35 songs, sequenced carefully so that students become successful sight-readers and recorder players. This set includes PowerPoints of the theory and background needed to be successful note readers as well as a PowerPoint with every song notated and formatted to perfectly fit electronic whiteboards or computer projector screens. The PowerPoint is indexed so you can easily jump to any song that you want ot practice. You can order the PowerPoint edition only (to use with student book,) or order it in addition to the teacher's kit with student reproducibles. Five PowerPoints are included on the disk: Songs and Composer Bios with regular notes and kids notes and three separate theory PowerPoints.

Publisher: Themes and Variations
Catalog Number: TVR1PPT