Set of 36 Color Coded Cards for Chromatic Handbells

Catalog: SP2390

Price: $32.95

These cards enable bell ringers to identify and play chords easily. While they are not designed for any particular set of music, but rather for any songs that have chords notated, they can be used successfully with books such as the SP2391 Christmas Carols, SP2392 Special Occasions, SP2395 Primary Bells, RB7014 8 Note Bell Songs, and RB7015 More 8 Note Bell Songs. All 12 major, minor and dominant chords are included so they can be used with an incredible variety of music. The chord cards are color coded to be compatible with the Kidsplay Handbells and Deskbells. We also highly recommend purchasing the card holder!

Model: SP2390
Manufacturer: Sweet Pipes

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