Yamaha YRF-21 Fife - Key of C

Catalog: YRF-21

Price: $8.99


The Yamaha YRF-21 Fife is a really unique instrument with a tone that is a hybrid of the recorder and the flute. It shares many of the better aspects of both instruments - like the flute, you can control pitch independent of volume, and the C major scale is fingered the same way as the flute or German recorder (1st finger right hand "F"). Like the plastic soprano recorder, it is very small, portable, durable, and inexpensive. Like both flute and recorder, it overblows at the octave, using the left-hand thumb half-hole technique like the recorder.

The fife is an ideal instrument for children transitioning from recorder to flute, as the finger holes are similar to a recorder and the holding position and blowing technique required are similar to the flute. Once the blowing and fingering techniques are learned, this instrument is very dynamic and responsive, with a very nice range similar to the soprano recorder.

In addition to its great usefulness in music education, the fife is also great for fife and drum bands, folk music, traditional dance music, historical re-creation, and for multi-instrumentalists who want to add a new voice to their repertoire. It's also handy for flautists who want a portable, durable instrument for casual music-making for travel or the great outdoors.

The two-piece fife is made of durable ivory ABS plastic, features seven finger holes and one thumb hole, and includes a soft case and fingering chart.

Model: YRF-21
Manufacturer: Yamaha