MPI Classic Bass Recorder - Baroque

Catalog: 211218

Price: $199.95

The MPI Classic series of harmony recorders includes a sopranino, alto, tenor, and bass, each featuring durable ABS plastic construction, excellent intonation and a durable full-zipper case.
This Classic Bass Recorder is the lowest of the MPI harmony series of recorders, and features a bent neck and a curved windway for ease of play. The bent neck allows for direct blowing, giving a more focused sound than bocal basses and also reducing the overall length, accomodating players with shorter arms. The curved windway helps reduce clogging.
3 pieces, key of F, Baroque fingering. Double key for low F/F#. Includes a neckstrap, built-in thumb rest, joint grease, cleaning rod, and fingering chart. The case is durable vinyl with a full zipper, reinforced sides, and sturdy webbing handles.

Model: 211218
Manufacturer: MPI