Bear Paw Creek BPC2011 Textured Bean Bags - Set of 12

Catalog: BPC2011-W

Price: $30.00


“Textured bean bags were made for several individuals who are vision impaired. Having various textures gives them an opportunity to be empowered through making meaningful choices. The textured bean bags can also be used as a tactile matching game for individuals with and without a vision impairment. For kids who have issues with sensory integration, exposure to a variety of textures is beneficial.” - Kathy Schumacher MT-BC

  • 4″ square bean bags made out of different colors and textures: fur, corduroy, slippery, rough/stiff, velour, and soft
  • Made in the USA of globally sourced fabric
  • Drawstring bag included for storage and bean bags are machine washable.
  • Throwing, catching, movement games, color recognition, active play, and my kids favorite “bean bag war.”
  • All are filled with with plastic pellets, made in USA, that are CPSIA compliant and are machine washable. Each set includes a drawstring storage bag.

Bean bags are incredibly useful at home and in the classroom, from active play to music and movement time!

Model: BPC2011-W
Manufacturer: Bear Paw Creek