Washboard (Zydeco) Tie

Catalog: TT10T

Price: $29.95


Formerly known as the Zydeco Tie, the Washboard Tie is the perfect solution to that age-old question, "How can I take my musical washboard with me wherever I go without risking the attentions of old-timey laundresses?"

This stylish number is made of 24-gauge stainless steel, and comes with two thimbles for comfortable scritchin.' It hooks over your collar - no need to strengthen your fingers for a full Windsor Steel knot! It's a little heavier than a regular tie, but a lot lighter than a regular washboard.

You can accompany all kinds of music, especially bluegrass, Zydeco, and other down-home styles. Use the thimbles, your fingernails, silverware, writing implements, drumsticks, keys - anything that strikes your fancy can also strike your tie.

Model: TT10T
Manufacturer: Grover Trophy