Suzuki HB-7C Tone Chimes 7-Note Bass Bar Add On Set

Catalog: HB7C

Price: $1699.99

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The Suzuki ToneChimes are tubular bells with rounded tone chambers. Made of special lightweight aluminum alloy, Tone Chimes feature an adjustable clapper mechanism for variable expression and overtone tuning. Range included is C3 to F#3. All Tone Chime sets are backed by an exclusive Suzuki 5 year warranty and are available in a 25-Note Chromatic Set (HB-250), 12-Note 3rd Octave Add-on Set (HB-120A), 12-Note 4th Octave Add-on Set (HB-120B) or the 7-Note Bass Set (HB-7C).

Model: HB7C
Manufacturer: Suzuki

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