Diatonic Alto Joia Tubes: Two Octaves G-G w/mallets

Catalog: JT15D

Price: $359.00
Joia Tubes® were developed to be an orchestral sounding instrument for children to play in a classroom setting. By sealing the bottom of the tube and resonating the sound back out through the top of the instrument, we have doubled the resonating effect, allowing for a more sustained note. Also, Joia Tubes® concave design on the playing surface compresses more air into the tube, giving even greater resonance and volume. The stand we developed allows for tremendous flexibility and also allows Joia Tubes to resonate to their full effect. Joia Tubes®, whether used professionally, educationally or therapeutically, offer rich, melodic and specific pitches that resonate as a beautiful musical instrument. Music educators and children alike love Joia Tubes®.

We take pride in our instruments and are proud to say that Joia Tubes are made in the USA.

Model: JT15D
Manufacturer: JOIA