Making Musical Instruments with Kids (Bk/CD)

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67 easy projects for adults working with children. Bart Hopkin's Making Musical Instruments with Kids is a celebration of sound! Writing such a book requires more than being an accomplished musician and clever craftsman (which Bart is.) The book is permeated with his deep-rooted aural sensibility and keen awareness of ever-present sound. His instruments put sound in the hands of the reader/builder. His exquisitely clear guidance is the product of years dedicated to refining all aspects of his craft and musicianship. Having built some of these instruments with Bart, I know that if you look up "Sound" in a thesaurus, you will find that it is a synonym for Bart Hopkins.

Publisher: Ind. Pub. Grp.
Composer/Author: Hopkin, Bart
Catalog Number: 9781884365485
Pages: 152