11" Hand Carved Kangaba Djembe from Mali

Catalog: M464A

Price: $279.95

This model measures approximately 11" x 21". These are our best drums! We purchase these drums from the exclusive importer of Kangaba drums. No other African-made drums can compare--every detail is attended to: the shells are meticulously carved to just the right proportions; the metal rings are custom welded to fit each drum perfectly; only the best goat skins are used; the bearing edges are perfectly level, smooth and rounded; the wood is well sanded and finished inside and out with liquid shea butter; European 2-part polyester cord is used; and each drum comes professionally tuned, ready to play. You will not find a better African made djembe! Colors and carving will vary with each drum. (Some drums may not have carvings.)

Model: M464A
Manufacturer: Overseas