UCHIDA MB-GN Gold Series 27 Note Handbell Set

Catalog: UC-2830

Price: $749.95

Please note: Delivery on all UCHIDA bells and accessories is 6-8 weeks.

Our Premium Line Gold Model handbells are smaller and lighter allowing for greater portability and playability, with a bright and brilliant sound.  Their light weight and small size makes them a joy to play for children or adults, novices or experienced bell ringers alike!


Clapper    Rubber

Handle      Resin

Bell           No. 1 ~ 21, 32, 33 Iron (Gold Plated)

                 No. 22 ~ 25 Brass (Gold Plated)

Dimension and Weight

Outer Diameter     74 mm / 2.91 inch

Length                  148 mm / 5.83 inch

Weight                  96 g / 3.39 ounce


Non graduated tuning for light weight and portability.

Conductive to multiple playing techniques such as traditional ringing, harmonic stacking, martellato and Swiss style shaking.

Their bright ringing sound has clarity and warmth.


Model: UC-2830
Manufacturer: UCHIDA