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Studio 49 Grillodur Resonator Bar High (Specify Key)

Catalog: KBSAXGH


Studio 49 Grillodur (Fiberglass) Resonator Bars in the soprano and alto range are constructed with tuned resonance chambers, best-quality wood, and harmonious overtone tuning. The bars are made of Grillodur, a fiberglass material that is excellent for consitions where climate is a concern. Extreme temperature and/or humidity may cause intonation or other consistency issues with wooden bars, but Grillodur remains stable - and it's a super value!

Use resonator bars together as a xylophone, or split them up to allow playing in "bell choir" style, or use them separately for ostinati, etc. So many options!

The KB/SAXG resonator bars are available in 25 chromatic pitches, ranging from c1 to c3. You may order the high/soprano pitches (c2-c3) using this model number; simply choose your key from the drop-down menu.

To order the low/alto pitches (c1-b1,) please see model number KB/SAXGL, sold separately.

Manufacturer: Studio 49