Cantilene - Clarinet and Piano

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Louis Cahuzac (1880-1960) took his place in a line of famous Paris Conservatory professors of clarinet. Hyacinthe Klose (1808-1880) taught Cyrille Rose (1830-1902), who taught Louis Cahuzac. Gervase de Peyer and Yona Ettlinger were two clarinetists who studied with Cahuzac after completing studies elsewhere.

As late as 1956, Cahuzac was soloist for an EMI recording of Hindemith's Clarinet Concerto under the composer's direction. Better known as a soloist and teacher than as a composer, he did nonetheless write a few clarinet pieces.

Publisher: Billaudot
Composer/Author: Cahuzac, Louis
Catalog Number: MRB1437