Uyot Seed Stick Hand Rattle

Catalog: N934A

Price: $19.95

For many years this uyot seed has been used for a variety of rattles, ranging from anklets to waist belts, armbands and hand rattles of all shapes and sizes. Nigerians wear the ankle, waist, arm, and hand rattles when dancing in festivals and masquerades. Often 10 or more people will use these rattles as they dance together, keeping the same rhythm. Because of the sharp tone of this seed, these rattles can cut through the sound of many drums. Kids love to wear all the various rattles and dance to music. Although these are part of our Rhythmkids line designed for children, they have such a good sound that adults like them as well. Great for drum circles! Approximately 7" long.

Model: N934A
Manufacturer: Overseas