Sonor Palisono Sub Contra Bass Chime Bars - Xylophone

Catalog: NKS100PO

Chime Bars

Arrange Tones to Suit Your Preference!

SONOR chime bars offer almost unlimited flexibility.

The sequence can be arranged or grouped completely to individual requirements. The instrument setup KS 40 L 15 illustrates this feature in detail.

Here are two examples of playing and arrangement ideas:

Example 1

  • 15 players get one chime bar each with one mallet.
  • The players assemble in 3 groups: green, red, blue.
  • The song "Jamaica Farewell" is sung with the chord sequence:
    C major, F major, G major, C major.
  • A conductor (teacher) gives the cue.

Example 2

  • Only the red and green chime bars from the KS 40 L 15 set are needed.
  • 10 players each get one chime bar with a mallet.
  • The players assemble in 2 groups: green, red.
  • The song "Frog Concert" is sung with the chord sequence
    C major, F major
    The conductor gives the cue.


Palisono chime bars

offer excellent sound quality and superior craftsmanship.

They are ideally suited for music education and music therapy.

The chromatic tonal range has 4 octaves from C to c-sharp3.

Palisono chime bars stand for impressive sound experiences.

The Palisono chime bars KS 50 PO, NKS 60 PO and NKS 100 PO have sound bars with overtone tuning and resonator boxes made of pine wood.

All resonator boxes have tuning adjusters, to change the sustain and volume. SONOR developed special feet for these instruments, which provide optimum resonance.

Recommended mallets: SCH 15, SCH 8 or SCH 100

Chime Bar - Xylophone

item no. 25010265
product NKS 100 PO
item description with tuning adjusters
tone C, Db, D, Eb, E
sound bar material Palisono
sound bar color yellow
sound bar width 100 mm
sound bars thickness 20 mm
tuning overtone tuning
resonator box made of pine plywood
type sub-contra bass
series Palisono
unit 1 piece
master carton 1 piece

For this instrument we suggest the mallet SCH 100

Please specify note names when ordering.



Model: NKS100PO
Manufacturer: Sonor

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