Sonor GBKX100 Palisono Line Deep Bass Xylophone

Catalog: GBKX100

Price: $2125.00


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The close cooperation with leading educators and therapists for more than 50 years has enabled SONOR to continuously develop innovative concepts with a focus on practical use.

The pictures illustrate the essential quality features which are the basis for excellence in sound and durability.

All xylophones have Palisono sound bars with overtone tuning or fundamental tuning.

All resonator boxes (except AX PO) are equipped with brackets for carrying legs or the BasisTrolley system.

Palisono is a special fiberglass with high density that is not hygroscopic, i.e. it is resistant to humidity. This ensures excellent sound quality and a higher tuning stability of the instruments.

item name Deep Bass Xylophone
type deep bass
sound bar color yellow
sound bar material Palisono
resonator box with 6 chambers made of pine plywood
series Palisono
tuning overtone tuning
scale C major scale
item description GBKX 100
tones c, d, e, f, f-sharp, g, a, b-flat, b, c1, d1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1, a1
accessories 1 pair Concert Mallet, SCH 15
lowest note c
highest note a1
number of notes 16
item no. 24200901
sound bars Palisono, yellow, 44 mm x 20 mm
sound bar width 44 mm
sound bars thickness 20 mm
unit 1 piece

Model: GBKX100
Manufacturer: Sonor