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Hohner 280 Chromonica 64 Chromatic Harmonica

Price: $289.99


A classic in the chromatic series, the 64 Chromonica covers a complete 4 octave range, featuring an extra octave in the lower register (below middle C), which makes it possible to play advanced repertoire.

Tone and performance capabilities are outstanding, aided by special wind saving valves and airtight, machine screw assembly. Airtight construction and superior reed response give our chromatic harmonicas an unsurpassed sound quality.  The quick, easy initiation of each individual tone is preferred by professionals, and makes them a favorite for players of all levels.

Available in the key of C. Includes a sleek black molded plastic case.
  • Holes: 16 holes
  • Reeds: 64
  • Reedplates: Brass; 1.05 mm
  • Comb: Plastic
  • Length: 7.25"

Model: 280C
Manufacturer: Hohner