Studio 49 BM2000 Series 2000 Bass Metallophone

Catalog: BM2000

Price: $2150.00


The instruments of the premium Series 2000 satisfy the highest musical standards and are excellent for use in music and grade schools. All instruments have solid wood resonance boxes and handles for easy transportation. The handles also serve as supports for the stands. Adjusting the instruments on the stands is easy. Instruments can be changed with only the turn of a screw, allowing uninterrupted instruction. Includes f# and bb bars, flexible pins, resonance box made of 12 mm solid pine, multiple resonance chambers for excellent sound quality, attached handles for carrying ease, fabric-coated bar seating for lasting durability.


  • 16 bars 45 x 12 mm made of high-quality, profiled aluminum
  • Diatonic bass metallophone, C – A1
  • Resonator box crafted from solid pine
  • Attached handles for easy transportation and stand support
  • Multiple resonance chambers for exceptional sound quality
  • Harmonious overtone tuning
  • Flexible pins
  • Fabric-coated bar seating for lasting durability
  • Includes F# and Bb bars and pair of S 3 mallets.

Model: BM2000
Manufacturer: Studio 49