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Kidsplay Handchimes - Chromatic Add-On Set

Catalog Number: RBC5

Price: $114.95


These Tone Chimes are lightweight and very easy to play, feature excellent intonation, and have a clear sound with a darker tone than traditional handbells. Using these sets along with your KidsPlay┬« handbells sets will allow you to take advantage of the many color-coded accessories that are available and create a refreshing alternate tone quality to compliment the handbells.  Each set includes clearly marked note names and numbers.

This set of handchimes adds the sharps and flats to your RB8 Diatonic Handchimes. These colors match the Kidsplay handbells. A portable and durable case is included.

Notes included:

  • C#/Db
  • D#/Eb
  • F#/Gb
  • G#/Ab
  • A#/Bb

Model: RBC5
Manufacturer: Rhythm Band