Augustine Imperial/Blue High Tension Nylon Classical Guitar Strings


Price: $10.79


The superior concert string played by the great masters! Augustine Classical Strings are designed to give you endless possibilities that will best suit your particular needs. The best way for you to decide which of our strings sets will sound best on your guitar is simple: try them and let your ears be the judge. Match one bass and one trebles set. The Imperial strings offer “Crystal” nylon trebles that offer brilliant, bell-like tone. Made in the USA.

Imperial blue strings include high tension trebles as well as high tension basses and features:

  • E1 – .0287″ – 0.731mm
  • B2 – .0327″ – 0.83mm
  • G3 – .0406″ – 1.03mm
  • D4 – .0305″ – 0.77mm
  • A5 – .036″ – 0.91mm
  • E6 – .045″ – 1.14mm

Manufacturer: Augustine