Jump-Start Action Songs (CD)

Catalog: KIM9168CD

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Jump-Start your children's mind and motor development with winning songs and action activities. This album features RONNO's most motivating action songs from his collection of titles and also features one new, sensational, dynamite song, "Twist, Stop, Hop." The guide, by Kathryn Short, Ed.D., is packed with valuable and exciting resource material, including activities for comprehensive phonemic awareness, motor skills development, social science/history concepts, and brain research, focusing on many state standards. Comprehensive Guide included.  Ages 4-8.

2002 Dr. Toy's 10 Best Audio/Video Award
2002 Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products
2003 Teacher's Choice Award
2002 Parents' Choice Recommended Award


Song List

  1. Jump-Start for the Queen of Hearts
  2. I Can Dance
  3. Hooray March
  4. What to Do When the Music Makers Have the Flu 
  5. It's Alright
  6. Motoring
  7. Twist, Stop, Hop (new)
  8. Someplace on the Farm
  9. I Like Me
  10. Pelican Polka
  11. My Chance to Dance
  12. This Heart, These Hands / My Brother the Whale

Publisher: Kimbo Ed.
Catalog Number: KIM9168CD