Inter-American 0718 Madre Grande Ocarina

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The Ocarina is a ceramic flute from the Andean Altiplano of South America. Clay is formed, glazed & baked in primitive wood fired kilns. Traced back to many ancient cultures in Europe, South American & the Orient, its exact origins are unclear. Often shaped like animals, clay ocarinas were thought to be played during ritualistic ceremonies of the ancient Americas.

Hand-made from clay in South America, this Madre Grande style Ocarina is pitched approximately in the key of G, and has three left hand, three right hand, and two thumb holes. The fingering pattern is similar to a recorder, where the holes are uncovered in sequence. It has a clear top coat, but the inside is not coated. There are holes on one end through which you may string a cord or other attachment for a necklace or decoration.

The ocarina measures approximately 8.5" long x 3.5" wide (at the mouthpiece) by 2" deep.

Model: IA0718
Manufacturer: Inter-american