Perfect for Primaries Book & CD

Catalog: BB207D

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PERFECT FOR PRIMARIES is BLB Studios latest publication for elementary music making fun. The eight lessons with sixteen practice and performance CD tracks encourage students in grades pre-K - 2nd to sing and play with any combination of bars, bells, Boomwhackers, and non-pitched percussion instruments. These lessons have been "kid tested" and proven effective in today's active elementary classrooms. Each of the detailed scores include the authors suggestions for movement and or special techniques to encourage participation and musicianship. The CD tracks energize each lesson with appealing beat keeping accompaniments. Each activity includes a practice CD track with vocals, and a performance CD track minus the vocals. The performance CD tracks allow creative teachers the flexibility to alter words and specify their own conceptual elements in a selected lesson. The lessons are designed to fit within a thirty to forty-five minute time span and encourage the development and implementation of state and national conceptual standards.

Publisher: BLB Studios
Catalog Number: BB207D