NINO951DG-MYO Make Your Own Chalkboard Cajon

Catalog: NINO951DG-MYO

Price: $44.99

One of the most popular percussion instruments today is the Cajon. Now with the NINO® Cajon Kit, you can build your own! This fun, dual-purpose instrument serves as both a Cajon and a chalkboard. The NINO® Chalkboard Cajon has all the features of a snare Cajon with the added bonus of a customizable chalkboard surface front plate. Included is a pack of chalk to create fun and unique designs. The instructions will guide you through this project, which can be completed at home or in any classroom setting. 15" / 38 cm x 10.25" / 26 cm x 10.25" / 26 cm. Weight: 6.17 Ib (2.8 kg)

Model: NINO951DG-MYO
Manufacturer: Nino