Rock N' Roll Songs That Teach CD

Catalog: KUB6000CD

Price: $15.95

Pre-K - Lower Elementary. Jamming with action, participation and fun, these exciting movement songs will motivate kids to dance, play and learn new skills. There are circle games, nursery rhymes and activities, all set to a rock and roll beat. A "cheecha, chaacha" zany version of Singing In the Rain is everyone's favorite.

Song List:

  1. Rock n Roll Journey
  2. Rock n Roll is Here to Stay
  3. Read a Book
  4. Opposites
  5. Button Factory
  6. Rhyming Song
  7. This is How We Rock
  8. Singing in the Rain
  9. Green Eggs & Ham
  10. Little Sammy (Sally) Saucer
  11. Rock n Roll Nursery Rhymes
  12. Rockin' to a Lullaby

Publisher: Kimbo Ed.
Catalog Number: KUB6000CD