Yamaha P-25F 25-Key Pianica

Catalog: P25F

Price: $56.99

The P-25F Pianica is a small and portable instrument that’s equally suited for students or adults. With a two octave range (F3 to F5) it can play the notes for many popular songs, but still be small enough to easily carry. This is a great choice for a beginning player to start their musical journey!

Clear and bright tone with a fast response

Yamaha Pianicas are designed to produce a rich sound that starts quickly even with a small amount of air. The clear and bright tone quality speaks evenly across all the notes.

Stable tuning that lasts and lasts

In addition to being fine-tuned and adjusted by specialists at the factory, the internal brass sound plates (aka reeds) are treated with a special corrosion-resistant coating that keeps the pitch clear and stable for many years.

Engineered to prevent leaks

A seamless rubber seal encloses the air chamber and the valves to prevent leaks. (Please note: while the natural rubber seal is entirely within the body of the instrument, people sensitive or allergic to latex should use caution when playing a Pianica).

Smooth action keyboard

Every individual key has its own separate suspension spring with anti-vibration guides, giving the keyboard a very responsive and smooth feel.

Lightweight and compact design

Yamaha Pianicas are easy to hold and carry, making them convenient for travel between school and home.

Hard protective case

Every Pianica comes with a durable but light-weight plastic case that matches the color of the instrument. The case can even be used as a music stand!

Model: P25F
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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