Rhythmic Parachute Play (CD and Guide)

Catalog: KEA6020CD

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Liven up your classes with parachute activities! 11 songs are arranged to fit the rhythm and flow of parachute activities. Do the Mountain, Floating Cloud, Umbrella, Popcorn and more. For use with a 12' or 24' chute. 2 CDs & Manual.  Ages 9-13.

Song List:

CD #1
Narration & Music
1. Ripples And Waves (Windmills of Your Mind)
2. Umbrella (I Will Wait For You)
3. Cross Under The Umbrella (By The Time I Get To Phoenix)
4. Mountain (I'll Never Fall In Love Again)
5. Inside The Mountain (Pink Panther)
6. Popcorn (Spinning Wheel)

7. Windmills Of Your Mind
8. I Will Wait For You
9. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
10. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
11. Pink Panther
12. Spinning Wheel

CD #2
Narration & Music
1. Merry Go Round (76 Trombones)
2. Floating Cloud (Scarlet Ribbons)
3. Mushroom (What The World Needs Now)
4. Crossing Inside The Mountain (Green Apples)
5. Parachute Routine (Medley: The World Is Your Balloon, Sleigh Ride, Fly Me To The Moon)

6. 76 Trombones
7. Scarlet Ribbons
8. What The World Needs Now
9. Green Apples
10. Medley: The World Is Your Balloon,
Sleigh Ride, Fly Me To The Moon

Publisher: Kimbo Ed.
Catalog Number: KEA6020CD