Body Bingo (CD)

Catalog: KDC001CD

Price: $15.95

Ages 3 and up.  Fun-filled Bean Bag and scarf activities. Play in an open area with space for moving around, catching and throwing. No physical contact! Be careful, participate and have fun! There is no right or wrong way to do these creative activities.

Song List:

  1.  Body Bingo Theme Song
  2.  Challenges 1-10
  3.  Challenges 11-20
  4.  Scarf 1-10
  5.  Scarf 11-20
  6.  Bean Bag 1-12
  7.  Bean Bag Toss & Catch
  8.  Body Bingo Boogie
  9.  Improv Body Bingo
10. Let's Get Creative
11. Making Movies
12. Body Bingo Song Inst.
13. Free Style Inst.

Publisher: Kimbo Ed.
Catalog Number: KDC001CD