Chroma-Notes 7 Note Expanded Range Hand Bell Set

Catalog: CNHB-EX

Price: $45.95


Add this 7 note hand bell set to your diatonic (8-note) or chromatic (13-note) set to extend your range from Low A to High E in Boomwhacker colors!

Manufactured to the highest standards, the top quality construction and accurate intonation make these bells the best value available. The Chroma-Notes colors make it easier to learn and play along with Boomwhackers music tubes and Boomwhackers educational materials. Each metal bell is marked with the proper note and number to help children learn the musical scale. Five inches tall, the long handles enable players to grasp the bells securely. This set gives you the extended range of a Low A to High E.

Model: CNHB-EX
Manufacturer: Rhythm Band

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