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Moods and Impressions, Book 1 - Piano Teaching Pieces

Catalog: WP1189

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Ross Petot has a well deserved reputation as a composer who knows how to write great jazz pieces for students. His new series of solo pieces, Moods and Impressions, departs from his usual jazz style to explore the diverse world of harmonic and tonal color that is unique to the keyboard. These two original collections, written for early-intermediate through late-intermediate students, are full of imaginative solos that intrigue the ear with their sophisticated harmonies and subtle melodic phrases. Each one is superbly crafted, providing advancing students with reachable goals, while encouraging them to deepen their understanding of how melody and harmony interact in music, like light and shadow, to create a multi-layered, magical world. (Book 1, Early Intermediate/ Intermediate) (Book 2, Intermediate/Early Advanced)

Table of Contents:
  • Black Star
  • Busy Bee
  • Caprice
  • Cascade
  • Not a Care in the World
  • Moment of Doubt
  • Old Letters
  • Shipwreck
  • Strange Event
  • Two Pines
  • Umbrella Hunt

Publisher: Kjos
Composer/Author: Petot, Ross
Catalog Number: WP1189

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