Aulos A202A Two-Piece Soprano Recorder - German

Catalog: A202A

Price: $6.95


Aulos is one of the best values available in recorders as each instrument has been carefully designed for successful use, ease of playing in all registers, and has accurate intonation. These features mean a lot in a class of beginning recorder players. Constructed of super strong ABS plastic, Aulos Recorders are virtually indestructible. Teachers and students take a great deal of pride in playing AULOS.

This 2-piece recorder has GERMAN fingering.


  • GERMAN fingering
  • Detachable thumb rest
  • Single holes for low C and D provide ease of playing in lower register
  • Ivory color
  • Includes cloth drawstring carrying bag, fingering chart, and cleaning rod

Model: A202A
Manufacturer: Aulos