Aulos A501S Garklein Recorder

Catalog: A501S

Price: $29.49


The smallest recorder available! This piccolo recorder in C''', commonly known as the Garklein, is only 7 inches long, and sounds two octaves higher than notated (one octave higher than the standard soprano recorder.) It is generally used to add variety and tone color to a recorder consort, and is recommended for experienced players.

The lowest note on this recorder is C6, two lines above the treble clef!

Due to its small size, the Garklein has a modified fingering system which is mostly the standard Baroque (English) system, but has some new fingerings in the top half of the register. A full fingering chart is included.

The Garklein is dark brown ABS plastic with an ivory-colored mouthpiece and foot. It is in one piece with single holes, and includes a leatherette case.

Model: A501S
Manufacturer: Aulos