MightyBright Brightflex Rechargeable Stand Light

Catalog: 53610

Price: $37.95


This unique light with a combined battery bank is a brand new music performance accessory from Mighty Bright. Originally designed for working musicians on the road, this light is also perfect for business travelers, service technicians and handymen, artists, or for anyone who needs bright portable light and backup power. 

The BrightFlex was created as a multi-purpose upgrade to our original, industry-standard Orchestra Light. No longer just for musicians, we've made this light even better with a new patent-pending compact design that provides the same brightness via a streamlined light head, plus a battery bank capable of providing at least a 50% charge to a standard smartphone.

  • 8 LEDs provide 90 lumens of bright white (5000K)
  • 3 brightness settings with 8 hours of battery life on high, 45 on low
  • Battery bank provides a 50% charge to a standard smartphone
  • 5V1A output, charges in 3.5 hours
  • 2500 mAh capacity

The BrightFlex's padded strong-grip clip clamps onto any surface up to 1.5". It has a sturdy, infinitely adjustable 1' gooseneck that twists into any position where you need light. Quick-assembly allows you to convert the light to a battery pack, which also means the battery pack can be used separately if that's all you need. There are charge indicator lights and it comes with a 13' micro USB cable (charging block not included). Also includes a lightweight carrying pouch that holds both the light and 13' micro USB cable.

• Rechargeable (fully charges in 3.5 hours with included 13’ micro USB cable)
• Battery Life: High 8 hrs/ Low 45 hrs
• Eight LEDs cast bright white light
• Constructed of flexible and durable silicone and ABS plastic
• Sturdy, infinitely adjustable 1’ gooseneck
• Padded strong-grip clip clamps onto any surface up to 1.5”
• Clip’s sleek, small footprint stays out of the way
• Detachable battery bank provides a 50% charge to a standard smartphone
• Three brightness settings
• Can be plugged into a USB port for charging and use
• 17” x 4.6” x 2.125” (L x H x W)

Ideal for:

• Music stands
• Travel
• Marathon jam sessions (long battery life)
• Long performances
• Backstage lighting
• Bright white light

Lumens: 90
Weight: 5.4 Oz
Battery Life: 8-45 Hours
USB Port: Yes

Model: 53610
Manufacturer: Mighty Bright