Gard Bags B-Foot and C-Foot Flute Case Cover - Black and Pink Leather

Catalog: 161-DMLP

Price: $89.95


Spacious and sturdy combination flute case cover crafted in pure leather.

  • Designed and measured to fit one B foot and C foot flute, or one Piccolo.
  • Main section fits a B-foot flute case.
  • Front pocket can fit either a C-foot, or Piccollo, or can be used as an accessory pocket for cleaning rods etc.
  • Inner lining of soft foam laminated fabric.
  • 10 mm hard foam padding from all sides.
  • Fits in comfortably as airline cabin baggage.
  • Shoulder strap and soft leather carry handles.

Model: 161-DMLP
Manufacturer: Gard Bags