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Legato Espressivo - Flute

Catalog: NR00306400

Price: $15.29

When discussing flute performance practice, the term legato espressivo (expressive legato) is used to refer to fluidity of phrasing and naturalness of expression, both fundamental aspects in the search for a good sound. The goal of this method is to offera daily training plan that will help to improve this aspect, through 10 series of exercises, each aimed at solving a specific technical challenge (speed control, wide leaps, high notes, evenness of sound, slurred scales, etc). Carlo Morena's work has the advantage of being pleasing and manages to avoid the usual repetitiousness of technical exercises, drawing upon the student's own musical sense.

Publisher: Ricordi
Composer/Author: Morena, Carlo
Catalog Number: NR00306400
Pages: 56