Native Spirit Song Book Vol. 2 - Book and CD

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This song book includes a collection of twenty Native American songs from various tribal backgrounds. These songs are beautifully simple and convey a heart felt communication with Nature.

To learn the timing of the songs, the book includes a CD that plays short sections of all the songs in the three main keys of "A", "G" and "F#". This book is easy to use and because of the various note combinations it is a great tool to vary one's playing style.

Table of Contents:
  • Ata'-A-Kut
  • Beautiful Is Our Lodge
  • Brothers Let Us Dance
  • Corn Planting Song
  • Down the Stream
  • Dream Song
  • H'Atira
  • Honor Song for a Warrior
  • Hunting Song
  • Hush, Little One
  • Kima Duinah
  • Kwakiutl Social Dance
  • Lonely Is the Hogan
  • Muje Mukesin
  • Paddling Song
  • Rain Dance Song
  • Sleep, Sleep, Little One
  • Song of Greeting
  • Song of the Deer Dancing
  • Zuni Lullaby
Publisher: High Spirits
Catalog Number: 534BOOK

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