AxMasks™ 3" Instrument Bell Cover (Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon)

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This 3” instrument bell cover generally fits most clarinets, oboes and bassoons.  For best results, please measure the diameter of your instrument bell before ordering.  Please note, this covers the bell only and may cause some notes to respond poorly.   For woodwind instruments, you may want to consider our woodwind instrument covers for more filtering capacity.

AxMasks™ bell covers are made in Minnesota using an extremely durable woven fabric.  The covers are secured around the outside of the bell using a 3/8 inch elastic binding.  This ensures the nonstretch fabric remains fastened around each bell size

One of the recommendations of a recent aerosol study has been to not use a stretchable fabric, so AxMasks™ uses a dense, non-stretchable, fabric.  AxMasks™ uses the same material used for high-quality face masks.

While other bell covers made of stretch nylon or lycra are quite accurately described as “not affecting the sound quality coming out of the instrument”, we have found that there will be a small, but noticeable softening in volume and darkening in tone quality with these bell covers.   
This is due to the heavier weight and tightly woven fabric.   Most directors, students and listeners will find this to be a very modest change to the sound, and many have found it to actually be a pleasing modification to the sound.

*Important notes about woodwind instruments* (flute, clarinets, oboe, saxophones, bassoon) : Due to the physics of woodwind instruments, bell covers will not offer as much filtering of the aerosols, since much of the sound comes out of the key holes on woodwind instruments. 
You may want to consider our woodwind instrument covers for more filtering capacity.  In addition, certain notes (usually when all of the keys are pressed down) can be difficult or impossible to play. Please consider this information before making your purchases.  

Please remember that the use of bell covers, instrument covers and other products is not meant to replace any of the other virus mitigating recommendations by CDC, state health departments, medical professionals, or school administrators.  Make sure to stay current with the latest research and recommendations before you return to making music in a group setting.

Disclaimer: This product has not been tested by the CDC, FDA, or any laboratory to stop the spread of viruses

Model: TBBC3
Manufacturer: Torpedo Bag